Marantz 1152dc Stereo Console Integrated Amplifier Vintage

Description :
For sale: One Marantz Model 1152DC Console Integrated Amplifier. You are buying the BOTTOM component only. You will ONLY receive the amplifier which is on the BOTTOM. The receiver has been sold. This was my dad's and been in a closet for a long time. Very good looking from the front. Works fine, all lights, knobs, switches are a bit sticky which was causing some problems. Turns out he sprayed them with some kind of Lithium grease which may not have agreed with the contacts over time. I sprayed them with some board cleaner and worked them a bit and all is fine. The volume knob is a bit wobbly when you turn it(bent maybe) I seem to remember reading this happened to someone else's too. The top cover has corrosion/water marks, small nicks along the top edge, most noticeable above the "a" in Marantz from the front, and a 5mm vertical scratch under the word "true" under the volume knob. All the lettering is fine. It will need a good cleaning, inside especially. I only wiped it down a bit. I have not come across the owners manual, it is available out there though. I do have the service manual if you are electronically inclined. These ran 24/7/365 when the amp went down he shelved the whole thing. Probably got frustrated at how long it was taking to fix and couldn't stand the silence. He was an Electrical Engineer not an Electronics Engineer but liked to dabble a bit as a hobby and loved his Classical music. This was some of the finest Marantz had to offer at the time, and yes, I know the market value of it, the buy it now is less than half. Sold in "as is" condition. Shipping will be ACTUAL cost. It is HEAVY. I don't know where you live so it will pick the carrier and insurance if you want it. This is being listed due to a non paying bidder. Marantz 1152 DC Integrated amplifier - Rare Power output rating per channel: 4 ohms DIN (1 kHz): 132W 4 ohms FTC (20 Hz - 20 kHz): 95W 8 ohms DIN (1 kHz): 100W 8 ohms FTC (20 Hz - 20 kHz): 76W Total harmonic distortion at nom. Output: 0.03% Intermodular distortion: 0.03% Damping 8 ohms: 50 Main In sensitivity at nom. Output: 1.5V Main In impedance: 36k ohms Frequency response DC-70 S/N ratio Main In: 110dB M.M. Cartridge input: Frequency response (RIAA): ±0.02dB S/N ratio: 83dB Input impedance: 47k ohms Input capacity: 100pf Input sensitivity: 1.8mV Equivalent noise at input: 0.48µV Dynamics: 117dB Mic. Input: Input impedance: 47k ohms Input sensitivity: 1.8mV Aux input: Input impedance: 25k ohms Input sensitivity: 200mV Frequency response: 5-60 Hz-kHz S/N ratio: 93dB Output voltage: Record jack: 775mV Preamp output: 1.5V Output impedance: Record output: 330 ohms Preamp output: 220 ohms Dimensions (W x H x D, mm): 416 x 146 x 316 Net weight: 14.0kg

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