Marantz 1550 Receiver Vintage Classic Multi Voltage

Description :
MARANTZ MODEL 1550 AM/FM RECEIVER MULTI VOLTAGE W/OWNERS MANUAL Great for the Marantz collector, this is a rare Marantz 1550 AM/FM Receiver. This silver faced beauty was built in the late 70's and listed for about $450.00 back then. This is a Multi Voltage "Euro" model with a conventional heavy duty U.S. power cord. It has a dial on the back panel that allows you to switch between 110/120/220/240V. It puts out a very respectable 55 Watts per channel with only 0.1% THD. It has a high quality Mcintosh style volume control with detents as you turn the knob. Tone controls feature separate bass, mid and treble dials, like a Marantz 2270 Receiver. Built in phono preamp lets you connect your turntable. It comes with its original factory owners manual and separate spec sheet, all in English, French and German, including fold out schematics. This unit is well built and weighs over 26 pounds. Dimensions are 17 3/8"W X 5 3/8" H X 14 1/8" D. Please feel free to ask questions, and Check out my other items! CONDITION: This unit is in excellent condition both electronically and cosmetically. Its super clean, and the faceplate gleams. All the lights work and all switches and controls work smoothly and quietly. The all metal case has a nice black crackle finish and it's scratch and dent free with straight edges and sharp corners. It also has its original feet, and all the lettering is good. There is one scratch on the faceplate, in the lower left hand corner, (see the last picture). Its off to the far side at the bottom, and you're looking at the big picture you tend not to really notice it, but I wanted to mention it. This receiver sounds as good as it looks with plenty of power and clarity. The tuner is sensitive and tunes in stereo. SHIPPING: Flat Rate Shipping by Fedex is $24.99 to any address in the Continental US, and that price includes expert packing and full damage insurance. This auction is for bidders with US addresses only, no shipping outside the 48 States. LOCAL PICKUP IN L.A. IS ALWAYS WELCOME. You save on shipping and get to hear how good it sounds before you take it home.

Contact informations :
Seller Name: bud1music
Sale Price: $0.99
Zip Code: 90045
Location: Los Angeles, CA

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