Marantz Model 4430 Receiver Amplifier Amp Vintage

Description :
Marantz 4430 Receiver/amplifierItem Description:This is a classic Marantz 4430 receiver manufactured between 1973–1978 It retailed for $600 at that time. I'm not a vintage audio aficionado so, chances are you'll know more about this unit than I do.I gave the unit a wipe down and cleaned the outside terminals with Detoxit. Overall, it looks awesome, all lights work, no noticeable blemishes on the front. I've tested the radio functionality and one of the aux terminals with headphones only and it does work, although, there is some analog distortion when making adjustments to the dials (as well as hum because I didn't ground during testing). One dial, the volume, is a little warped off center and probably needs to be reseated from inside. This unit is old and used, so it's sold as is. If there is any more specific questions I can answer I will try my best. This unit does not have the optional SQA-1 decoder.Actual item pictured below.Model Technical Details: Specifications: Power Output: 30 Watts X4 RMS into 8 or 4 ohms. Total Harmonic Distortion: 45 (8 ohms) FM Sensitivity: 2.3uV FM THD: 0.15% Mono, 0.3% Stereo FM Stereo Separation: 42dB (at 1 kHz) Controls: Selector: AM, FM, Phono, Tape, Aux 1, Aux 2 Mode: Mono, 2-CH, Discrete, Vari-Matrix, SQ-Decoder Dimension: Vari-Matrix Mode Only Remote Control: Remote/Local Bass Treble Volume Balance: Front, Left Right (Slider) Balance: Front, Rear (Slider) Balance: Rear, Left Right (Slider) Switches: Monitor: Tape/Source Monitor: 1/2 FM Mono FM Muting Loudness Hi Filter Spkr Main Spkr Remote Power Front Jacks: Headphones Front Headphones Rear Indicators: Signal Strength Meter Signal Tune Meter STEREO AM FM PHONO TAPE AUX 1 AUX 2 Rear Panel: AC Outlet Unswitched AC Outlet Switched FM Quadradial Output Antenna Attenuator Tape Monitor 2 Out (L, R, F, R) Tape Monitor 2 In (L, R, F, R) Tape Monitor 1 Out (L, R, F, R) Tape Monitor 1 In (L, R, F, R) Aux 1 Input (L, R, F, R) Aux 2 Input (L, R, F, R) Phono Input (L, R) Remote Control Auction Terms: I accept PayPal only. This item is heavy. Please include $50 for securely packaged, USPS Parcel Post shipping within the U.S.. Bidders outside the U.S., please contact me for shipping information. Thank you!

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Seller Name: $leaze
Sale Price: $190.00
Zip Code: 91303
Location: canoga park, CA

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