Vintage Marantz 4415 Tuner Amplifier Receiver

Description :
MARANTZ 4415 QUADRADIAL 4 RECEIVER IN EXCELLENT WORKING CONDITION. FEATURES: Great Vintage receiver from Marantz. SHIPPING. 1- International buyer, please contact the seller for the shipping cost. 2- Package will ship without insured unless buyer pays shipping insurance. 3- Seller is not responsible for any circumstances, if the package is damaged in shipping, lost packages, after the item is shipped. a) Seller will provide the shipping tracking number (if shipped within USA) b) Seller will only provide Customs Declaration numbery (if shipped outside the USA) RETURN POLICY: 1- 7 days money back guaranteed on purchased price minus the shipping cost. 2- Return the item in the same or better packaging than it was shipped. 3- No refunds until the item is returned. 4- No returns, if negative feedback given without contacting the seller. 5- After 7 days is FINAL (NO EXCEPTION)

Contact informations :
Seller Name: mthouse2009
Sale Price: $270.00
Zip Code: 98354
Location: Please check my other items

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Auction price: $270.00

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