Vintage Marantz Pm-74d Integrated Amplifier Set Are Nice And Clean

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Thank You For Visting !!! Read entire listing before bidding/buying item. Review all pictures as what you see is what you will get!!! There are NO Surprises in my auctions!!! Please ask questions!!! You are paying money for this item so please do not assume anything. A 99% of our items are in "used condition" . Pictures are of actual itemsPlease remember to ask question and do not assume anything!!! !!! Attention USA Buyers !!! I do not ship to P.O. boxes!!! Please have a confirmed home address with paypal before bidding!!! !!! Attention International Buyers !!!I will need your zip code to give you an accurate quote on shipping please ask for shipping price as it can change! ~ Item Description ~ This listing is for a set of Marantz PM-74. CDC-320 AND ST-35 are used but in very acceptable cosmetic conditions with minor scuffs. and scratches, associated with normal use, we tested them and works AWESOME. Please take a look at the pictures for physical conditions. This is a classic example of Marantz hi-fi gear from the late 80's, specifically 1988-1989. It was the mid-line model of the new PM series which took its roots from some venerable Marantz such as the 7T pre-amplifier and 1200B integrated amplifier. It's physically identical to the PM-84D. Internally, the PM-84D offered a trick copper coated chassis, increased capacitance and a encapsulated transformer. The topography of the guts also change but its moreso a by-product of the copper coated chassis and longer heat sink fins. The PM-74D uses as many of the copper screws that could have been used on the it's still kinda cool :) In 1988, Marantz was marketing something called QuarterA which allows Class A amplifier operation at normal listening levels, with Class B transition during high power. At most listening levels you'll be 100% Class A and that's a good thing. That being said, it runs warm by design so keep that in mind in regards to placement of the unit. They also utilize something akin to the NAD PowerDrive(Envelope) or Onkyo WRAT. The buzzword used by Marantz was "Automatic Voltage Shift Supply". It simply supplies more voltage to the output rails for brief high level passages or transients. That's pretty neat for 1988. The unit is black and flawless, not a scratch or ding anywhere. The interior is dust free and all connections have been treated with CAIG products. The unit has been checked out and all is well. All areas that were easily measured were covered in Dynamat. You will be VERY happy. Anyways, here's some specifications: 100X2@8(Benchtested - 132x2@8 and 196x2@4) It's 4ohm stable. 6 Inputs (Inc. Tape Loop & Gold Plated Inputs on Phone/CD Stage) Phono Stage (MM/MC) AVSS (Automatic Voltage Shift Supply) QuarterA (Class A Design) Individual Tone Controls for L&R Channels (Bass & Treble) Tone Control Bypass A+B Speaker Outputs CD Direct Mode Loudness Contour 2 Switched/ 1 Unswitched Convenience Outlets This items are: !!! Fully Working !!! \ Please review all pictures as what you see is what you get ///\ Any questions will be answered ASAP /// RETURN POLICY !!! We are not Walmart !!! We do NOT accept returns!!! All sales are FINAL. Products purchased from my auctions can not be returned.

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