Vintage Marantz Power Switch

Description :
MARANTZ OEM QUALITY REPLACEMENT POWER SWITCH 100% brand new OEM ALPS quality replacement push button power switch. The best quality correct replacement switch for all pre-1980 Marantz units, including all 22xx, 23xx and all quad receivers, all amps, all tuners and all preamps. Six solder lugs/pins. Will replace original 2, 4 & 6 pin switches. Just a slight modification of SOME units existing inner switch caps,otherwise no modification needed. Small footprint, easy to install in tight locations, smaller terminals are easy to solder. 100% new. Rated at 100,000 cycles. Have this item installed $49.99 + transportation, see my other auctions or ask. LIFETIME WARRANTY Made in U.S.A. Frequently asked questions: Is the quality of this part really that much better than the next guy who's suddenly selling dirt cheap replacement parts for my vintage unit? Yes, a BIG difference, they know what their parts are worth. Why settle for low price low end CHEEP feeling switches that will fail again? ALL PARTS ARE NOT THE SAME. You get what you pay for, there is a big difference in the quality and also the way the switch will feel every time you turn your unit on and off. Don't be lured by cheap action, low end bargain basement import switches available at electronics sites for a few bucks and resold. Save time and aggravation, use only the finest OEM quality for your high end vintage equipment. If you only want the cheapest price, buy the lowest quality parts. ADD $5.96 FAST HANDLING PACKING AND I NEED IT NOW DELIVERY ANYWHERE IN THE U.S.A. Pay Pal only with confirmed shipping addresses. email me any questions COPYRIGHT TECH Hi Fi

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Seller Name: tech_hifi
Sale Price: $24.99
Zip Code: 48066

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